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Your Office Visit Policies

We are working hard to improve Customer Service and reduce wait times in our office. Many factors affect wait times, and we are taking a critical look at all of them. Our goal is to make the best use of both patient and practitioner time, while providing the best care possible!

Appointment Times

It is our expectation that you will be brought back into the exam room by our staff for your appointment at your scheduled time. We have reserved this time with one of our practitioners just for you. So please arrive early if you need to update any information in your account.

Notification of Delays

As practitioners, we will make every effort to be at the office on time. However, please keep in mind that we are an OB office, and babies sometimes require that one or two practitioners be called out of the office unexpectedly.  We also have responsibilities at the hospital in the morning before office hours. We will make every effort to notify you of these delays, if they can be anticipated, so that you can adjust your schedule or appointment.

Running Late for Appointments

The timing and length of every patient’s visit during the day affects every appointment that follows it. For example, if a patient arrives for her appointment 15 minutes late and needs to complete her history prior to being seen, the entire day will run 45 minutes late. If she then has concerns in addition to her annual exam that require extra time, the entire day could easily run 60 minutes late. In the past we have tried to accommodate everyone, however, this is the primary reason for our office running late. If you arrive late, we will need to re-schedule your appointment.

No Show Policy and Re-Scheduling of Appointments

We reserve appointment time with one of our practitioners and office staff just for you.  When this time is reserved, we do not schedule other patients in that time slot. If you are not able to keep your appointment, we require that you give us 48 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Because this time was reserved just for you, failure to give appropriate notice or not keep your appointment will mean a $45.00 charge, which will not be covered by insurance and must be paid prior to scheduling another appointment at Prima Bella.

Questionnaires and Patient History

Questionnaires MUST be completed before most appointments. If you did not complete them at home, they MUST be completed at a kiosk in the office PRIOR to your appointment time. They may take 30 minutes to complete. If questionnaires are not completed before your scheduled appointment time, you will miss the time reserved for you. We will then need to re-schedule your appointment.

Working with Insurance

Insurance is very specific about what is included in a particular type of visit. For example, an Annual Women’s Wellness Exam is just that. When we contract with your insurance, we agree to provide very specific services at the agreed upon fee schedule. The length of your appointment is designed to allow the appropriate amount of time for that specific service. Your additional concerns are important! However, if you would like to discuss additional issues, we need to schedule additional time.  Procedure codes will be added to your visit according to established coding guidelines, and there may be additional charges. If additional time is not scheduled, we may not be able to address your extra concerns at that visit. An additional appointment will then need to be scheduled.

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