Dr. Mary Ann Meyer Jones

Dr. Mary Ann Jones


Whew! What a ride we have had in the last 3 weeks. COVID-19 has really rocked the world, and everything we thought we knew to be true, isn’t so much anymore. So many changes. . .


At Prima Bella Women’s Health, we added  the ability to do telemedicine visits nearly overnight, thanks to much dedication and hard work from Lisa and our loyal administrative leaders.  We have revamped our OB templates to align with best practices so we can continue to provide quality care for our pregnant mamas, about half the time from home, to support social distancing mandates.  We have changed policies to keep our staff and patients who must come to the office safe and free from spreading the virus. With the help of front office and back office staff, we have rescheduled a LOT of routine care, and continued a LOT of prescriptions, so you can stay home and stay safe. We have implemented workload policies to insure that if one provider gets sick with Coronavirus, there will be others who can provide the care you need in their absence. To that end, you will be seeing more of Alisa in the office, more of Lisa and Jessica via telemedicine, and more of Dr. Jones in the hospital right now. Rest assured, we meet each morning on GoToMeeting to talk about your medical conditions among ourselves, just as we always used to do in person. That keeps us all up to date about what is going on with each and every one of you. And we plan for the future of Prima Bella. And, like you, we cannot wait to get all our staff back to work, and our office back to normal!


In much the same way, we are working with the incredible leadership at Porter Regional Hospital to do our best to reassure you that hospital birthing is still the safest option for delivering your precious little ones, and to have your emergency surgeries performed. I am included in twice weekly updates from the Command Center. I stand in awe of the accomplishments of the administrative teams who are tirelessly preparing to meet our community’s need for services as the pandemic surges. Sean Dardeau, CEO of PRH, has risen to the challenge. The team he has assembled and the work they have done and continue to do, make me proud to be associated with such a fine healthcare facility. Being part of a larger nationwide hospital system, CHS, has allowed them to glean knowledge from other parts of the country, where the disease is more widespread. This enables them to apply what they have learned to be pre-emptive in our community. They are ready to provide expert care for COVID-19 patients, while at the same time taking steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees, and our patients who need medical services unrelated to the virus. I am astounded at what they have accomplished in so little time! Mr. Dardeau tells me daily, as I pass him in the hallways, or see him manning the Command Center, “Thank you for all that you do to take care of patients.” It is now my turn to say to him, “Thank you, for all that YOU do!”  from all of us who are privileged to provide care to those we serve at PRH.


I also want to thank you, our loyal patients, for your kindness and understanding during these difficult and unprecedented times. We will continue to do our best to be there for you.  Oh, and thanks for continuing to stay home and stay safe! If we all do our part, all the preparations we have made may be for naught. Now wouldn’t that be a blessing?